What happened if you put too much developer in hair?

Coloring the hair has become the trend at present generation. When you buy hair dye, there will be two bottles, one is hair dye and another one is the developer. A developer is in different strength that is 10 volumes, 20 volumes, 30 volumes, and 40 volumes.

Sometimes developer strength represented as a percentage. One’s developer is opened; it should be used within 12 months. Check the date of the developer often. A developer can go bad and losses effectiveness when it is used over time.

What does hair developer do?

Before knowing the uses of developer you need to first understand what does hair developer do? Developers can also be called as activators. Without the developers, hair dye will be effect less. The developer helps the hair color permanent on the head. Most hair color formulas use developer at 10, 20, 30 or 40 in some cases. The level of hair color can lift a bit depending on the strength of the developer.

hair developer


Does the developer damage hair?

The developer doesn’t do much damage. The developer applied directly to hair has not got much to activate it. Always replace and store it from sunlight in a cool place. Do not store in a warm environment. Mixing developer with color will damage the hair cuticle.

How many developers to use with hair dye?

If you are applying the hair dye fully on the head, then you can add the developer a bit extra. If you add too much of developer on the dye, then it will be very wet and you may feel difficult while applying. Put too much of developer in hair dye can damage your hair.

What happens using too much developer?

Always use low volume developer so that you can get the desired result. With hair dye, low volume developer will be enough to lift the hair cuticle. When bleaching your hair, the volume of the developer should be high only when the natural pigment will be removed from the hair. Using too much developer with hair color will not be safe for your hair.

What volume developer should I use?

If you are applying the hair color permanently then volume 10 is better. Many toners use volume 10 because it is the least damaging. If 50% of grey hair is there, then you can use 20 volume of the developer to get natural gentle fashion. If you are bleaching at home it will be better and safe with 20 and 30 volume.